FairBid decided to revolutionize the typical online auction format and our idea was simple. Make it free.

If a seller wants to do all the work, than they should collect all of the profits.

If a buyer wants to buy an auction, then they should not have to pay for that privilege.

So with buyer and seller fees out of the way, we are moving forward with the next generation of online auctions.

With over 70 years of collective experience in assisting companies of all sizes, in generating the highest returns on investment for excess, aged or used assets, Team FairBid has the industry specifics expertise, service record and knowledge to help you recoup value on unused assets.

We have worked with almost every type of company imaginable – from energy related firms to financial institutions to construction operations, government offices, insurance companies and multinational engineering companies. We have the customizable services to handle any type of product and maximize the return on investment for your assets.

Our experience with all types of inventories allows us to connect the right seller with the right buyer. We also offer FairBid Plus, a full service approach to auctioning off your inventory.

The FairBid Plus Team will work directly with you to formulate a custom approach to maximize the return. For an unheard of low fee FairBid Plus can do it all, from the taking of the pictures, hiring of an inspector, posting of an auction and the marketing of that auction, through processing of the payments, to finally the picking up of the equipment. Additional fees will apply for specific services but in certain circumstances these fees can be waived.


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